Arian Polyurethane JSC

Arian polyurethane is a private joint stock company based in the heart of the historic land of civilization – Iran, specializing in the field of polyurethane chemistry. Being owned and operated by well experienced managers, the company has achieved a remarkable reputation for outstanding product quality and customer service in a very short period.Within just a few years, Arian Polyurethane has manufactured and supplied polyurethane systems to meet the application needs of numerous customers in the field of appliance, construction and automotive industries.The company is dedicated to Endeavor restlessly for manufacturing of high quality raw materials used by their customers in line with global technical advances & achievements.

Research and Development (R & D) :

The R and D department of Arian Polyurethane Co. considers and optimizes the main properties of its products like thermal conductivity, compressive and tensile strength, hardness, dimensional stability (in cold and hot chamber), reaction characteristics and good flow ability of material.

So all properties mentioned above, are all as the same level of international and industrial standards. And also regarding special product (based on customer needs) will be possible.



Regarding to significance of the position of Polyurethane Foams in industries, this company’s products will be distributed to consumers by using the high quality of materials and updated technology in three groups:

Polyol series POL500 are used for producing Rigid Foam.


Insulation freezers and refrigerators.

Arian Polyurethane Purchase Products