Arian Polyurethane JSC. Was founded in 2008 with the primary goal of production of polyurethane systems used in various industrial applications. Owing to long and trustable experience of the partners, the company has achieved a remarkable position in the local market already. One of the major merits of the company is considered as the customer care and post sale service which indeed satisfies the highest levels of customer’s expectations.
The company is now capable of supplying 7000 MT/A of various rigid PU systems consumed in appliance & construction industries as well as 2000 MT/A of different flexible moulded PU foam systems for automotive & furnishing industries.
philosophy of the company is to produce PU systems as versatile as the market, based on the needs of each and every customer.
The goal of our company is to provide products and services beyond the expectation of our customers, yet to be as competitive as possible when it comes to commercial issues.
In order to achieve the above mentioned, Arian Polyurethane JSC. is dedicated to invest in all needed aspects of education, technology, research and development, yet looking very seriously into the environmental and safety matters.
We endeavour for Development & Ever Onward Improvement.